Linear Array Transducers

PAUT(Phased Array Ultrasonic Transducers) 

Comparison between Conventional Ultrasonic Transducers(CUT) and Phased Array Ultrasonic Transducers(PAUT)

CUT consists of either a single active ultrasonic element that both generates and receives high frequency sound waves, or two ultrasonic elements, one for transmitting and another for receiving.

PAUT consists of a transducer assembly with 8 to as many as 256 small individual ultrasonic elements. These elements each can be pulsed separately.

The followings are the diverse applications using ultrasonc elements.


                        1d array                                   1.5D array                                  2D array


                              daisy array                               annular array                          sectorial array 


                         curved array                             focused array                            circular array

PAUT Applications:

Under multichannel ultrasonic equipment many diverse inspection will be performed. For example, the laminar flaws of metal and composite needs inspection by PAUT. Also the small defects of forged metal parts require to use PAUT. Basically the thickness measurement of tube would be performed by PAUT.

Linear Array Transducer Structure


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