Ultrasonic Straight Beam Transducers ST3000M05

Product Code: ST3000M05
Price: $230.00

Sonomecha Straight Beam Transducers operates single elements in stainless steel housing. The single element transmits and receives the ultrasonic signals. 


  • Sonomecha Straightl Beam Transducers can be expected an excellent performance for the applications covering thickness gauging, close surface inspection,or corrosion/pitting monitoring, braze inspection, and lamination detection.



  • Rugged Stainless Steel 303 Housing
  • Piezoelectric Single Element
  • Greater Sensitivity
  • Wide Relative Bandwidth(-6dB)

                                                3MHz Straight Beam Transducer Time-Domain Waveform


                                                3MHz Straight Beam Transducer FFT Frequency Analysis



Frequency 3.0MHz
Element Size
Metric 0.5Inches(13mm)