Focused Immersion Transducers

Sonomecha Focused Immersion Transducers are specially designed to send ultrasound where the test targets are submerged or wholly immersed in water or similar kinds of liquid materials. Transducer sensitivity and performance will be increased by focusing lens compared with unfocused(flat) immersion transducers. Focused Immersion type can be applied either spherically or cylindrically by depending on user's applications. Sonomecha provides the design of customer specifications including the allowable focal range and element dimension and manufactures after proof of appropriate technical concepts.   



Sonomecha Focused Immersion Transducers can be expected an excellent performance for NDT or medical applications. FIT(Focused Immersion Transducers) performs fast flaw detection such as tube,bar,pipe or plate.In addition, FIT can be obtained velocity measurement and material analysis, Time-Of-Flight imaging and On-line thickness gauging.


  • Focused ​Round or Cylindrical type
  • Single elements in Stainless Steel Housing
  • Connector: the top mounted BNC Connector, or Custom Designed Connector 
  • Transducer Material: Piezoelectric Ceramic
  • Any Focusing Lens Design available
  • Achievement of Uniform Coupling Performance
  • Superior Sensitivity by designing the Focal Lens





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