Contact Transducers

Sonomecha Contact Transducers are engineered to meet the toughest environment and application conditions. Sonomecha Contact Transducers adapt low loss pure hard alumina wear face that is acoustically matched to afford the best performance due to scrubbing on abrasive surfaces.



Sonomecha Contact Transducers can be expected an excellent performance for thickness, velocity measurements or defect detection and for rough forgings, castings, extrusions, billets, any steel, aluminum or other rough metal surface.



  • Microdot and BNC connector available                                                                     
  • Standard Design:12 mm (1/2"),  19 mm (3/4") and 25 mm (1.0") Diameter Round Type
  • Stainless Steel Transducer Housing
  • Alumina Wearface to match abrasion resistant
  • General purpose damping
  • Good Sensitivity and Resolution
  • Transducer Material: Lead zirconate titanate


  • SC1000B10         1.00MHZ            0.5"(13mm)                BNC                   19x23mm
  • SC1000M10        1.00MHZ            0.5"(13mm)             Microdot                19x23mm
  • SC2250B10         2.25MHZ            0.5"(13mm)                BNC                   19x23mm
  • SC2250M10        2.25MHZ            0.5"(13mm)              Microdot               19x23mm
  • SC3500B10         3.50MHZ            0.5"(13mm)                BNC                   19x23mm
  • SC3500M10        3.50MHZ            0.5"(13mm)              Microdot               19x23mm
  • SC5000B10         5.00MHZ            0.5"(13mm)                BNC                   19x23mm
  • SC5000M10        5.00MHZ            0.5"(13mm)              Microdot               19x23mm
  • SC7500B10         7.50MHZ            0.5"(13mm)                BNC                   19x23mm
  • SC7500M10        7.50MHZ            0.5"(13mm)              Microdot               19x23mm
  • SC10000B10      10.0MHZ             0.5"(13mm)                BNC                   19x23mm
  • SC10000M10      10.0MHZ            0.5"(13mm)              Microdot               19x23mm
  • SC1000B17        1.00MHZ            0.75"(19mm)                BNC                   29x30mm
  • SC2250B17        2.25MHZ            0.75"(19mm)                BNC                   29x30mm
  • SC3500B17        3.50MHZ            0.75"(19mm)                BNC                   29x30mm
  • SC5000B17        5.00MHZ            0.75"(19mm)                BNC                   29x30mm
  • SC0200B25        0.20MHZ           1.0"(25mm)                   BNC                   32x32mm
  • SC0250B25        0.25MHZ           1.0"(25mm)                   BNC                   32x32mm
  • SC0350B25        0.35MHZ           1.0"(25mm)                   BNC                   32x32mm
  • SC0500B25        0.50MHZ           1.0"(25mm)                   BNC                   32x32mm
  • SC1000B25        1.00MHZ           1.0"(25mm)                   BNC                   32x32mm
  • SC2250B25        2.25MHZ           1.0"(25mm)                   BNC                   32x32mm
  • SC3500B25        3.50MHZ           1.0"(25mm)                   BNC                   32x32mm
  • SC5000B25        5.00MHZ           1.0"(25mm)                   BNC                   32x32mm


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