Ultrasonic Contact Transducers SC3500B10

Ultrasonic Contact Transducers SC3500B10

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Sonomecha Contact Transducers adapt low loss pure hard alumina wear face that is acoustically matched to afford the best performance due to scrubbing on abrasive surfaces. The Contact Transducers are bonded with special sealants for even and longer lasting wear and housed in rugged stainless steel case.



  • Sonomecha Contact Transducers can be expected an excellent performance for thickness, velocity measurements or defect detection and for rough forgings, castings, extrusions, billets, any steel, aluminum or other rough metal surface.


  • Center Frequency:3.5MHz(+/-10%)
  • Piezo Element:13mm(0.5inches)
  • Wearplate material:Al2O3
  • Housing Material:Stainless Steel 303
  • Housing Dimension(DxH):19x23mm
  • Connector:Side Mounted BNC style      
  • Gain:10dB
  •                                                                             Contact Transducer 3.5MHz Time-Domain Analysis


                                                                                    Contact Transducer 3.5MHz FFT Analysis                                                                                          


Frequency 3.50MHz