Dual Beam Transducers SD2250

Dual Beam Transducers SD2250

Product Code: SD2250
Price: $250.00

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  • Sonomecha Dual Beam Transducers operate independently two elements in single stainless steel housing. These are designed specifically low cross talk, very high sensitivity and good resolutions. Sonomecha offers a wide variety of Dual Transducers in the frequency range of 0.5MHz to 5MHz and from 12mm (0.5inches) to 25mm (1.0 inch) diameter. All Sonomecha Dual Transducers utilize a roof angle of 2.6 degree.
  • Sonomecha provides the side mounted BNC connector unless otherwise specified. In addition, the side potted type with Lemo connector terminal, the top potted type with Lemo connector terminal, the side mounted Lemo connector, or the top mounted Lemo connector is also available.
  • Sonomecha Dual Beam Transducers can be expected an excellent performance for NDT applications covering thickness gauging, close surface inspection, or corrosion/pitting monitoring, braze inspection, and lamination detection.






Frequency 2.25MHz