ULTRASOUND FOR OSTEOPOROSIS


Osteoporosis is related to the certain level of loss of bone mass with a concurrently complex disruption in microarchitecture of the human body. The most common fracture occurs at the wrist, spine,hip,knee,and heel bone(calcaneal bone).

The following pictures are shown as the normal bone structure and osteoporosis bone structure.





Currently Bone Densitometry equipment uses to measure bone mass in medical field. Bone Mineral Density(BMD) was expressed as Bone Thickness and calculates using the formular as follows.

                                                BMD(Bone Mineral Density) = Vx  Tb   (g/cm2)

where,  Vis the volumetric density of bone tissue(g/cm3)

             Tis the average bone thickness(cm) 


Ultrasonic Transducers apply to measure BMD level and use from 200kHz to 2MHz ranges. Sonomecha provides the ultrasonic immersion transducers ranging from 500kHz to 1.5MHz.



   Part No             Frequency          Crystal Size                Connector                        Dimensions(DxH)

SMI0500B25         0.5MHz             25mm(1.0")            Top-mounted BNC          31.75x31.75mm(1.25"x1.25")     

SMI1000B25         1.0MHz             25mm(1.0")            Top-mounted BNC          31.75x31.75mm(1.25"x1.25")

SMI1500B25         1.5MHz             25mm(1.0")            Top-mounted BNC          31.75x31.75mm(1.25"x1.25")



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