Ultrasonic Immersion Transducers SI0500B25B-Special

Ultrasonic Immersion Transducers SI0500B25B-Special

Product Code: SI0500B25B
Price: $300.00

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Sonomecha Immersion Transducers presents the most comprehensive selection of submersible ultrasonic transducers. Sonomecha offers a wide variety of Immersion Transducers in the frequency range of 200kHz to 10MHz and from 12mm (0.5inches) to 25mm (1.0 inch) diameter. In addition, the precision acoustic lens make Sonomecha hermetically sealed transducer impervious to immersion media and housed in rugged stainless steel case.



  • Sonomecha Immersion Transducers can be applied for the inspection of plates, pipes, tubes, bars, raw and finished components in the immersion media. Sonomecha Immersion Transducer is most skillfully crafted by the application of highest grade components. The transducer performance has extended service life even under rough environments.


  • Center Frequency:500kHz(+/-10%)
  • Piezo Element:25mm(1.0inch)
  • Housing Material:Stainless Steel 303
  • Housing Dimension(DxH):32x32mm
  • Connector Type:Top mounted BNC type
  • -6dB Bandwidth: >50% min.
  • Sensitivity: 550 ~ 580mV at 200V Pulser and 0dB Gain.

​Sonimecha provides special price for the 500kHz items.




Frequency 500kHz